Polymaster Pipeline Tank 50000 Ltr

Pipeline Tank 50000 Ltr

Pipeline Tank 50000 Ltr

For stock and domestic use

These tanks tank fitted to pipelines for the supply of water for stock troughs and are also fitted with fire fighting fittings.

Polymaster Pipeline Tanks, being fully certified are now supplied with watermark approved brass float valves certified to AS1910. These valves are recommended by pipeline authorities.

4600 mm3440 mm


90 mm overflow / breather


Float valve assembly

25mm fitting & float valve assembly adjacent inspection cover.

 Ball valves 

2 x 50mm outlets & ball valves.



1 x 65 mm CFA/CFS Coupling


Available Colours

Colour NamePreview
Smooth Cream
Mist Green
Heritage Green
Mountain Blue
Metal Grey
Slate Grey
Heritage Red

*Colours shown are guidelines, and may vary depending on the device used to browse this webpage. Actual product colours may differ slightly.